Pet and Craft Day 2018

Pet & Craft Day

Thank you to everyone for making last Friday a great community day here at school . The crafts were fantastic and if you haven’t seen the pictures and videos yet, please check out our Facebook page. We didn’t have as many pets as we thought were coming, however it was still great to see whānau bringing in their much loved and cared for animals. THANK YOU!!

Something to work on for 2019 🙂 Also huge thanks to the lovely SPCA ladies who travelled over from Kerikeri to be our judges plus all of our staff who helped Whāea Amanda to organise this event. Lastly, thank you to those whānau who helped their classes fundraise for their End of Year Camps and events. Ka mau te wehi!! The winner of our huge grocery raffle was Rita Reid and the roast lamb dinner was Kataraina Hopokingi. Thank you to everyone who supported these.

Thoughts about Pet & Craft Day

I enjoyed making the crafts. I made an angel out of sheeps wool and I had never seen anything like that before. I thought it was pretty cool. To prepare it, we watched a youtube clip then we washed the wool with hot water and washing powder. This made it whiter and softer. Then we tied a knot and the circle was in the middle and we pulled them together to make the head. We put another piece of wool underneath the head to make the arms and tied it off with floss. We brushed it a lot to make it soft. We also made playdough but I didn’t get time to finish mine. I really liked seeing the pets. My favourite was Kahlia’s husky dog Storm. By Arkiel Lloyd R4 (Y4/5 class)

It was challenging making our crafts. We made a wall hanging using sticks, pine needles, branches, greenery, jasmine and wool. Everything was woven together and it was harder to make than I thought it would be. I made one with my friend Jesse. We could have used more stuff to add into it and style it up a bit. I thought Mathayus and Eternity made cool ones.

By Jordan Cowie R7 (Y5/6 class)

Pet day was pretty fun. I enjoyed looking at everyones dogs, the way they ran up to us and everything. The husky was the coolest because it was only one that ran up and played with us. It had pretty cool ice blue eyes. Wairangi’s dog looked funny the way it was all dressed up in it’s red tutu. The billy goat was funny, especially when it was going to the toilet on the court. The best thing was the food. I liked the hot chips. There were water balloons on the court and you had to get them into certain areas to get a prize. Bryan won heaps. I liked scraping the flax to make our putiputi and making the vaseline sauces.

By Austin Veza R6 (Y7/8 class)

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